Layne is a global water management, construction and drilling company, providing responsible solutions for water, mineral and energy challenges. We offer innovative, sustainable products and services with an enduring commitment to safety, excellence and integrity. We operate throughout North America, as well as Africa, Australia, Europe, Brazil, and through our affiliates in other South American countries. Layne's customers include government agencies, investor-owned utilities, industrial companies, global mining companies, consulting engineering firms, heavy civil construction contractors, oil and gas companies, power companies and agribusiness.

       Water Management

Helping to solve the world's water challenges.

Layne provides total water management solutions for government agencies, commercial water suppliers, industrial facilities, and energy companies.

Our teams are responsible for effectively managing water in every phase of its lifecycle – supply, treatment, delivery and maintenance. Throughout each phase, we work to ensure compliance with complex state and federal regulations, and to meet increasingly high standards for quality, reliability and efficiency.

We engage in the development and deployment of new and innovative water technologies to make these standards possible, and to continue improving on the safety and sustainability of our work.

Whether we're identifying and developing a new water source, delivering usable water to communities and facilities around the world, recycling water from oil and gas resources, rehabilitating an existing pipeline, or safely returning wastewater to the natural environment, Layne has a responsible solution for any water management challenge.


Well designed. Well constructed. Well done.

Layne provides specialized construction solutions for the responsible management of water in just about any industry or environment.

With extensive heavy civil expertise and a proven reputation for safety, we design and construct comprehensive, end-to-end water management systems, as well as individual intakes, reservoirs, pump stations, pipelines and plants tailored to our clients' needs.

Our broad national footprint and well-maintained equipment fleet enables flexible scheduling and efficient delivery of both underground preparations and finished infrastructure construction. If a project involves water and/or soil conditions, Layne designs, constructs and delivers the optimal solutions.


Layne provides comprehensive turnkey drilling solutions for mineral exploration, water management and specialty drilling needs.

We employ a team of specialists to help us understand specific site characteristics and proactively overcome and plan for any challenges.

Our experts are able to define the source, depth, magnitude and overall feasibility of water aquifers, and drill high-volume wells suitable for supplying water to government agencies, industrial and agricultural customers.

Our mineral exploration teams extract contaminant-free samples that accurately reflect the underlying mineral deposits. We also drill deep injection wells to facilitate the disposal of treated wastewater. For any drilling need, we make safe, environmentally sound and socially responsible decisions at all times, and achieve the desired results for each and every project.